Why .GE domain?


Our mission is to help you to get the most appropriate domain name for your German business or any other activity associated with Germany.
The ccTLD of Germany is.DE, but it has already reached more than 15 million registrations all over the world. That’s why finding a suitable .DE domain name is so difficult. As you may know, the .GE domain is a ccTLD for Georgia. We offer new opportunities with .GE domain, which can be beneficial both for Georgia and for Germany.

.GE is the most suitable alternative for your business identification with Germany.
Now if you want to open a new web sit­e for your company associated with Germany. You have a great new chance to get your desirable domain name with .GE domain.


What are the steps for registering the .GE domain?


1st step: You need to find your desired .GE domain name and be sure it’s available for registration.
2nd step: You need to open an account in Reg.am site and import your information. Your domain name will be registered by using this information. 
3rd step: You need to make a payment. If you represent a legal entity, than you need to pay only for domain’s registration fee for a year. If you are a natural person, we offer you to take care of your domain name registration and its servicing for a yearly trustee fee. So in this case you need to pay the registration fee plus a trustee fee annually.
4th step: After we receive your order and confirmation of the payment, the process of registration starts. When we gather all the needed documents, we apply and within 7 working days domain name is activated


What are the terms and conditions?


You can register .GE domain name only for one year, then you need to renew it annually to maintain.

By .GE registry regulations this domain names can be registered only by legal entities (if you are natural person, we offer you to take care of your domain name registration and its servicing for a yearly trustee fee).


For legal entities the registrant needs to provide the following data:

1. Company name

2. Legal address of company (zip/postal code, city, state, street, country)

3. Phone number

4. Fax number (optional)

5. E-mail address

6. Brief description of company’s activity.


For Natural Persons the registrant needs to make an order, pay for domain's registration fee and for trustee service.

We can activate your domain name when your payment is done and we have all the requested documents and information. The whole process will start only after we have your payment's conformation and it will take no more than 7 working days

Legal entities pay only .GE domain's annual price 40.000AMD. Natural Persons pay domain’s registration fee and additional trustee fee, which is 16.000AMD annually.


What is trustee service?


By .GE registry regulations .GE domain names can be registered only by legal entities. GlobalAR LLC has a trustee service for natural persons’ who want to gain a .GE domain name. Our company will be your trustee in order to register your desired .GE domain name, and you will have total control over it. For that you need to order trustee service and pay for it annually 16000AMD.