How should I choose the right hosting package for me? On what operating system is your hosting based on?

If your site is going to be developed by others, it's a good thing to ask them about the web technologies and the version number of those technologies they will use to develop and run the website. Based on this kind of information, the first thing you should consider is choosing the operating system of the web server. When choosing a server type you have to consider the programming languages that will be used by you or your programmers' team to build the site. What we offer you is a wide range of hosting packages with various Operating system (OS) based servers. The shared hosting and VPS hosting packages are based on Linux OS. The Cloud VPS hosting packages give you a variety of choices: they can be based on Linux, Windows or BSD Operating systems.

So we recommend you to choose your server type based on the programming languages used to build up your web site.

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