What are the terms and conditions?

.GE domain activation


You can register .GE domain name for 5 year․

By .GE registry regulations this domain names can be registered by legal entities and by natural person.

The minimum number of symbols for Domain Name is 2 (two) and maximum- 63 (sixty-three)․

Required information for registration

1. Organization name (in the case of company)

2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Legal Address

5. Country

6. City

7. Zip code

8. Phone Number

9. Email address

10. Name servers (can be used the default servers as well)

Notice: If the Registrar or Registrant submits incomplete information, Registry reserves its right to request from the Registrar to submit respective data. If the requested data is not provided within 7 (seven) working days, the Registry is authorized to suspend functioning of the Domain Name.


Domain Transfer from registrar to registrar

The transfer process performs based on EPP code. The registrant should request the code from the losing registrar and provide the gaining one.

The transfer code is valid for 7 days only. So, if it expires it needs to be generated again. The transfer process completed in 7 working days. Only after that, the domain can be managed by the owner.


Private Whois Registration

According to updates regarding GDPR you are free to request the private Whois registration if the owner doesn’t want to show the contact information publicly. Just contact us via ticket from your admin panel if you have a special request.

Domain Renewal

If the Registrant via the intermediation does not renew the domain name, it will be Suspended during the 30 (thirty) days period from the expiry date of the domain name registration. After the lapse of the 30 (thirty) days period, the Registry is obliged to cancel domain name registration and delete data related to the domain name from the Domain Name Register. The domain will become available for everyone.


Supported SLDs for .GE

.com.ge - can be registered under the name of any natural person or legal entity

.net.ge - can only be registered under the name of organizations which are network providers or their activities are related to electronic communications;

.org.ge - can only be registered under the name of not-for-profit organizations

.pvt.ge - can only be registered under the name of private individuals

.edu.ge - can only be registered under the name of general educational institutions/schools and higher educational institutions

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