How to choose a perfect domain name?

Domain name selection seems to be very difficult, especially when we think that all domains we wanted are already busy. There is no need to be disappointed, as we give you some advice to select interesting and catchy domains.

1. Use synonyms. Begin your online brainstorming on websites where you can see a barrage of synonyms and related words. Type in the word and it will give you a number of options to ponder upon. is a good example.

2. Rummage through glossaries Every industry has its own lingo of fun words and phrases. You can find a list of these words online by searching for terms such as “lingo,” “slang,” “jargon,” “dictionaries,” “glossaries,” “terms,” “vernacular,” etc.

3. Use TLDs. There are many TLD extensions on the web that enable you to find the preferred word additions in seconds. Many industries have their own words and TLD extensions like .academy, .agency, .boutique, .builders .camera .careers .clothing .coffee and other similar terms.

4. Open your playlist Song titles make for super cool names, and if it is fun then the name can get stuck your the head just like the track. If the song you pick is a classic or one of the top-tens, it might help build a positive association with your users. 5. Let photographs inspire you We’ve all heard the saying “a picture says a thousand words.” Photographs can inspire great names too. Words might not stir your creative side as well as a picture can.

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