1.1. <<Global AR>> LLC provides Internet services in accordance with these general terms and conditions, as well as agreements between the parties:

1.2. Global AR LLC provides services based on the application of individuals and legal entities, if there is no subscription agreement signed between the parties:

1.3.These terms and conditions are considered a public offer for concluding a subscription agreement and individual subscription agreements concluded between the parties cannot contradict these Terms and Conditions:

2. Definitions:

2.1. Services: Web services that include the functions of domain rental and hosting domain, SSL key certification and software configuration:

2.2. Contractor: Global AR LLC :

2.3. Copyright Holder։any person who has submitted an application in accordance with these GTC’s and/or has concluded a subscription agreement or has a registered account on the website:

2.4.User: Performer who has a natural or legal person with a personal page on the site:

2.5.Corporate copyright holder ։ commercial and non-profit organizations, individual entrepreneurs who have submitted an application in accordance with these GTC’s and/or have concluded a subscription agreement:

2.6. The party:the contractor or the customer with a separate mention:

2.7. The parties:the contractor and the customer at the joint mention:

2.8.GTC:General Terms and Conditions established and published by Global AR LLC for the provision of services:

2.9. Application:a document signed and/or sealed by an individual or legal entity, as well as in electronic form by the contractor an electronic application submitted by the copyright holder through a personal page for joining the services through the website, on the basis of which the person accepts the agreement approved by this link and according to this link, published by <<Global AR>> LLC :

2.10.Contract:a statement signed by the parties, a subscription agreement or an agreement with its applicable appendix (appendices), special terms of service, price list, general provisions and agreements signed by the parties on the same subject:

2.11.Services:services provided by the contractor, the cost, technical capabilities and corresponding packages of which are presented in the price list, and their separate description and conditions of provision are presented in the special conditions of each service, posted in the Contractor's Service Center and on the official website:

2.12.Domain:the name of the site where it is identified on the Internet:

2.13.Web Hosting:a space with software solutions on servers:

2.14.SSL Key Certification: documented encryption security measure:

2.15.Software setup:software settings performed for the purpose of using Internet services:

2.16.Account:the register of analytical calculation in the billing system used to account for the volume of services provided to the Rightholder and the payments charged for them:

2.17.Billing period:the period from the day of billing to the day of the next billing:

2.18.Billing system:an automated system that takes into account the type, volume, cost of services rendered to the Rightholder, calculates debts and payments received by the rightholders and presents summary results in the form of an extract:

2.19.Billing day:the last day of each month or another day established by the subscription agreement, when the amount generated for the Services rendered to the Rightholder and already paid or payable by the rightholder is summed up (it happens one day in a month):

2.20.Application:a written document of the form established by the contractor (on full and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions and subscription to the services provided in accordance with them), signed (sealed) by the copyright holder (authorized by the latter person) :

2.21. Application number:a combination of digits used to identify the user in the billing system:

2.22.Balance:the amount established by the settlement method based on the data of the rightholder's account, which represents the difference between the services used by the rightholder at the time and the payments made:

2.23.Personal page:the page of the customer's intern, which becomes available to the customer on the contractor's website: , as a result of following the appropriate instructions:

2.24.Password:a combination of letters, signs and/or numbers determined by the copyright holder for access to certain types of services, as well as to a personal page used to identify the copyright holder:

2.25.Personal data:any data submitted by an individual or legal entity for registration that allows or may allow directly or indirectly identifying the identity of a person:

2.26.Price list:the cost, technical capabilities and corresponding packages of services provided by the contractor, presented on the official website of the contractor:


3.1. The Copyright holder may also accept (accept) this public offer electronically: The procedure and features of the subscription in this way are published on the contractor's website:

3.2.These terms and conditions are considered to be fully and unconditionally accepted by your copyright holder in the case of submitting an application in person or by a representative of the copyright holder acting on the basis of a power of attorney, in electronic form:

3.3. In order to conclude a subscription agreement, the rightholder must also submit in the appendix to the application the documents required by the contractor from the rightholder confirming the identity, address of the rightholder, in the case of a legal entity, an organization that does not have the status of a legal entity, or an individual entrepreneur -data of state registration or accounting, in the case of concluding a subscription agreement through a representative-documents certifying power of attorney and identity, and other documents (including the original) and data (hereinafter referred to as required documents),

3.4. In the application, the Rightholder selects a list of services and /or packages on the terms of which (which) the Rightholder wishes to receive services:

3.5. The types of services, descriptions, features and values of their provision, as well as all information related to the services, are established by the contractor and are available to the copyright holder free of charge on the contractor's website, in service centers:

3.6. According to the specifics of the service provided, the contractor may establish other conditions for the person or groups of persons who have submitted an application for the use of such services, which will be fixed by the description of the offer and/or the subscription agreement concluded:

3.7. The forms and content of applications for the conclusion/ termination of the subscription agreement, amendments and additions to it, as well as for the provision of other additional services are established by the contractor and in case of non-compliance with them by the copyright holder, the contractor has the right not to accept them and / or not to give progress:

3.8. The list of documents required for making changes to the subscription agreement, including changes in rights and obligations, is established by the contractor:

3.9. Some materials or documents published and available on the contractor's website, if the copyright holder does not require, are not provided to the copyright holder in a block version:

3.10. The Contractor has the right to refuse to conclude the subscription agreement and/or provide access to the services or some of them and /or to refuse to execute the subscription agreement unilaterally, considering the subscription agreement terminated, notifying the contractor within 10 (ten) days by the preferred method of the rightholder in the presence of at least one of the following grounds՝    

         3.11.1 The Rightholder is (was) the rightholder of the contractor             and has unfulfilled obligations with respect to the contractor or violated                              the requirements of the subscription agreement,

        3.11.2 The rightholder previously, using the services offered by the contractor, allowed falsification or abuse (termination of the subscription agreement by the contractor on the basis of the permission of the rightholder to terminate the contract, etc.),

         3.11.3 the application, required documents and/or other necessary information are not submitted in the form established by the contractor,

          3.11.4 there are forgeries or incorrect data in the documents or information provided by the copyright holder,

          3.11.5 The person who applied for a subscription to the service is assessed as a hopeless debtor or does not meet the solvency requirements established by the contractor, etc. for this service,



3.11.Having established communication with the Call Service Center by means of a call or other means of communication and having passed the stage of identification of the copyright holder, the user can make such changes to the subscription agreement as are considered permissible by the contractor:In these cases, no written document is concluded between the contractor and the Copyright Holder, and the assurance (proof) that the changes to the subscription agreement have been made by the copyright holder is the first payment made by the copyright holder.:

3.12.In case of termination or invalidity of the document granting the representative of the rightholder the authority to perform actions on behalf of the rightholder, the Rightholder is obliged to immediately notify the contractor:Until the contractor is notified of such a change, the actions of the contractor aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the Rightholder's representative and the resulting obligations are considered lawful and performed on behalf of the rightholder :

3.13.The representative of the rightholder has the right to apply for transcripts of the account of services rendered to the Rightholder: In the event of a change (renaming, relocation) of the services provided by the contractor, as well as in the case of a number of other transactions established by the contractor, the representative of the copyright holder must present the original power of attorney giving such authority:

4. Provision of services

4.1. The provision of services is carried out on the basis of concluded contracts in accordance with the provisions provided for in these GTC’s and contracts:

4.2. The methods of suspension, activation of services and termination of the contract are determined both by these GTC’s and by contracts concluded between the parties and other documents that are an integral part of them:


5.1. Prices for services are set by the contractor,

5.2.The price, procedure and terms of payment for the service are determined by the price list and are established by agreements,

5.3. When paying the price of the service, the data of the copyright holder must be indicated:

6.Payment procedure

6.1. Payments for services are established and calculated by the monthly payment method,

6.2. in the case of services provided to subscribers, the contractor issues a settlement document, which is sent to the Copyright Holder at the email address specified in the subscription agreement:

6.3.when providing services to corporate subscribers, the contractor issues a settlement document, which must be approved by the copyright holder within 7 (seven) days and sent to the Copyright Holder at the email address specified in the subscription agreement:

6.4. The Customer has the right to submit objections to the account for the provision of services before the seventh day of the month following the billing month, notifying the contractor in writing:After missing the deadline for filing an objection, this invoice is considered unconditionally approved by the customer, and properly rendered by the contractor of this service:

6.5.When making a payment, the customer is obliged to indicate the name of the service or the number of the application for which the payment is made:When paying for two or more services at the same time, the customer is obliged to specify as the purpose of payment the application (applications) for which payment is made, and payments are made in the manner specified in the purpose of payment:

6.6.Payment is considered made from the moment of crediting the payment provided for the service to the Contractor's account, if the customer specified the name of the service or the number of the application for which the payment is made when making the payment:

6.7. The Customer has the opportunity to make payment also through the "personal page:

6.8.The service fee is subject to calculation and collection from the moment of activation of the service until the complete suspension of the service,

6.9. The Customer is also obliged to pay for the service if for some reason he did not use the service,


7.1. The Contractor has the right to suspend the provision of services to the customer if:

7.1.1. The suspension is necessary for the installation, repair, replacement or maintenance of equipment or programs for the provision of services,

7.1.2.The Customer does not fulfill or partially fulfills the payment for the provision of services at the specified time, or has not fulfilled other financial obligations arising from the subscription agreement with respect to the contractor,

7.1.3 the customer periodically violates one of the provisions of the subscription agreement,

7.1.4 there is an action of force majeure,

7.1.5 it turns out that the customer gave the contractor incorrect data when applying for the service,

7.2. The provision of services is suspended 5 (five) days before suspension after notification by the customer by the notification method specified in the subscription agreement:


8.1. The Contractor activates the provision of the service if the payment obligations on the part of the customer are fulfilled properly and information about this is available to the contractor:

8.2.Activation of the service may be rejected by the contractor in case of violation of the conditions established by these GTC’s, as well as non-compliance with the terms of the agreement concluded between the parties:

9. Solution

9.1. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally refuse to provide the services provided by the appendix (appendices) if:

9.1.1. The Customer has violated his obligations under the subscription agreement and has not eliminated the violations committed by him,

9.1.2. The Customer has not paid for the service within forty-five (45) days from the date when he had to make the payment according to the subscription agreement,

9.1.3. The Customer has been liquidated,

9.1.4. The Customer is in the process of bankruptcy or liquidation,

9.2. The Customer has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute the application(s) by notifying the contractor in writing 30 (thirty) days in advance,

9.3. The subscription agreement is considered terminated when, within 45 (forty-five) days after the expiration of its validity, the rightholder does not make the prescribed payment for the provision of services that has not been approved by the contractor,

9.4. The Subscription Agreement may be terminated with the bilateral consent:

10. Personal data protection

10.1. Personal data provided by the customer to the contractor is subject to protection in accordance with the procedure established by law and cannot be provided to third parties, except in cases established by law:

11. Responsibility

11.1. The Contractor is responsible for compliance with the requirements of the subscriber agreement on the provision of services, except in cases related to services provided by third parties or through them, failures or disconnections,

11.2.The Contractor is responsible for the actual damage caused to the customer as a result of non-delivery of the service or in any other case solely through his fault, while the maximum amount of the contractor's liability for each case is established in accordance with the monthly fee of the subscription agreement in force between the parties at the moment, and in case of termination of the subscription agreement-in accordance with the fee for the last month,

11.3. The Contractor is not responsible for the lost profit caused to the customer as a result of non-delivery of the service or in any other case,

11.4. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the facts, information, documents submitted by him to the contractor:

11.5. The risk of suspension of services or loss of domain and/or hosting due to non-fulfillment of payments is borne by the client,

12. Notification

12.1.Notifications sent by the contractor and the customer within the framework of the subscription agreement are considered appropriate if they were delivered in person or sent by electronic or other means of communication with the residential/accounting/legal or actual activity addresses specified in the subscription agreement and/or email addresses and/or telephone numbers, unless otherwise provided by the subscription agreement:

12.2.To receive any information from the contractor related to the definition, modification or termination of the terms of the subscription agreement or the procedure for communication between the parties or the rights, obligations or responsibilities of the parties in the manner and through communication specified below throughout the term of the subscription agreement;

on hand from the contractor's office, address՝ ————

by email: - - -

via postal communication՝ ————

In this case, the information provided by the Contractor to the Customer in the manner chosen by this paragraph is considered to be properly provided until the customer submits an application in writing to the contractor in connection with the subscription agreement

13. Applicable law 

13.1. The law of the Republic of Armenia applies to this subscription agreement, and disputes are resolved in the courts of the Republic of Armenia:

14. The influence of force majeure

14.1.The parties are released from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of obligations under the subscription agreement if this was the result of force majeure that arose after the conclusion of the subscription agreement and which the parties could not foresee and/or prevent and which had a direct impact on the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations provided for in this subscription agreement:

14.2.In the event of force majeure, the party whose due performance of obligations is impeded by force majeure is obliged to immediately notify the other party, which has the right to terminate the subscription agreement prematurely, notifying the other party in writing 5 (five) days in advance, if the force majeure lasts more than 3 (three) days:

15. Final provisions

15.1.The subscription agreement is considered concluded by the parties from the moment of its signing or entering (acceptance) into the corresponding window of the confirmation code (offer to conclude a subscription agreement) sent by the contractor to a personal e-mail (offer to conclude a subscription agreement) for the purpose of concluding the agreement and is valid until the full fulfillment of the obligations of the parties provided for in the subscription agreement:

15.2. The Subscription Agreement comes into force from the moment of its conclusion and is valid until the full fulfillment of the obligations of the parties provided for in the subscription agreement:

15.3. The Parties agree and undertake that disagreements and disputes arising in connection with the execution and termination of the subscription agreement are subject to resolution by mutual agreement, and in case of disagreement - in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia,

15.4.If any provision of the subscription agreement is declared invalid, such invalidity does not affect the validity of any other provision of the subscription agreement, if the subscription agreement could have been concluded without including the invalid part in it,

15.5.All changes and additions to the subscription agreement are made in writing and must bear the signatures of the parties,

15.6.The Subscriber declares that at the time of conclusion of this subscription agreement, he is fully entitled and capable:

15.7. Any provision of this subscription agreement may be changed only with the written consent of the parties:

15.8. The Subscription Agreement is concluded in two copies: in Armenian, which have equal legal force, each party is given one copy:

16. Details

of <<Global AR>> LLC Company

for state registration ------ INN--- legal address՝--


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