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Subscription Agreement No.


Renting a hosting domain

VAT / legal entity

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                                                      General conditions      

Hosting package՝

Price / month՝

 «Global AR» LLC, within the framework of this Agreement, every month provides the copyright holder with the opportunity to use the hosting package established by the Agreement on the following conditions (hereinafter referred to as the conditions):

1.Within the framework of this Agreement, the copyright holder will be able to use the above-mentioned hosting package by making a monthly payment,

2. This obligation is considered to be duly fulfilled by the copyright holder if the tenant of the hosting package remains during the period of performance of the obligation,

3. The right holder's obligation to use the hosting package arises from the moment of signing these Terms,

4. The obligation of «Global Ar» LLC is considered to be duly fulfilled from the moment the respective hosting domain is provided to the Rightholder within the time limits provided for by this Agreement:

5. During the term of the obligation, the rightholder may change the hosting package by entering into an appropriate agreement and making payments established by «Global Ar» LLC,

6. The rights of the rightholder with respect to the subject of this agreement are considered protected by the rightholder of «Global Ar» LLC - a copy of the passport, identity card or residence card in the case of individuals, and in the case of legal entities -after providing an extract provided by the State register of Legal Entities and passing identification in the manner approved by «Global AR» LLC, otherwise, «Global Ar» LLC is not responsible for the approval or cancellation of the rights of the copyright holder,

7. «Global Ar» LLC is not responsible for the actions of third parties, as a result of which it becomes impossible to fulfill obligations under this Agreement,

8. In case of contradictions between these Terms and the subscription agreement, the conditions prevail:

Performer                                                                                              Copyright Holder

«Global AR» LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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