Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
SSD Storage
2 vCore
4 GB
40 GB
9.50 USD
4 vCore
4 GB
60 GB
19.50 USD
4 vCore
8 GB
120 GB
26.00 USD
6 vCore
8 GB
120 GB
32.50 USD
6 vCore
16 GB
240 GB
39.00 USD
8 vCore
16 GB
240 GB
45.50 USD

Top Features

Full SSD Solution

All your files, operating system and databases are stored on SSDs

Root Access

Full Root access with rescue service.

Custom ISO upload

Use Any ISO image to build your system.

User Friendly Monitoring System

Get detailed information about your system.

Best Price

Need Powerful vps with cheap price, You find it.

Best Support

We provide high-quality technical support to our customers in three languages (Armenian, Russian and English). Support tickets are controlled 24 hours a day.

Unlimited Traffic and bandwidth.

The popularity of your site should not be painful.
Our VPS instances come with unlimited traffic.

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