Agreement on .AM domains

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Agreement on domain registration paid services in the .AM zone

«Global AR» LLC. represented by its Director Ani Simonyan, hereinafter referred to as the “ Executor ”, who acts in accordance with the Charter, on one side, and, "First name Last name", hereinafter referred to as the “ Customer ”, on the other side, have concluded this contract on the following:

1.Subject of the agreement

1.1 The Executor undertakes to provide domain registration services on the bases of the Customer requests oriented in the database of Internet Community PO (IC ) in the .AM zone, hereinafter referred to as the “Services”, and the Customer undertakes to pay for the provided Services as set forth in this Contract.

2.Cost of the service

2.1 The cost of one registration is 12,000 (twelve thousand) AMD, including taxes.

3. Procedure of payment

3.1 The amount for registration is paid in the full extent .

3.2 The payment is made by one of the payment methods, indicated on the official web site of the Executor as the Customer prefers.

3.3 The payment is considered to be completed from the moment the Executor gets the amount.

3.4 A domain name is considered to be registered from the moment of signing this agreement and payment on the date specified by the Executor.

3.5 In case of cancellation of the agreement the Customer loses the part of the amount paid by him, which has to cover all the expenses, that the Executor made for receiving the payment or making and concluding this agreement.

3.6 In case of early termination of the agreement by the Customer, the amounts paid to the Executor are not subject to reimbursement.

4. Rights and obligations of the Parties 4.1 The Executor undertakes to:

4.1.1 In accordance with the Charter of the PO “IC” on the eleventh months upon ratification of the domain name registration in the database of PO “IC” the Executor sends a notification letter to the email address of the Customer, reminding that the duration of the domain in the PO “IC” database zone will expire in a month, and offers to conclude a new agreement for registration of domain name in the database of.AM zone PO “IC” for the next year(s).

4.1.2 If the agreement mentioned in the paragraph 4.1.1 is not concluded, then, upon another 15 (fifteen) days, the Executor sends the second notification letter, and upon another 8 (eight) days the third notification letter shall be sent to the e-mail address of the Customer, which is registered in the database of PO “IC”, and the last letter is sent on the last day of the agreement validity.

4.1.3 On the application of the Customer fill the application for registration of a domain in .AM zone database of PO “IC”.

4.2 The Customer undertakes to:

4.2.1 The Customer is responsible for the accurate filling the personal data in the paragraph 4.1.3: individual/company name, address, phone number, email address, domain name service (DNS), password and is also responsible for all changes made to database.

5. General terms and conditions

5.1 One registration of domain name in .AM zone database of PO “IC” is valid for one year (365 days, 366 days for leap years).

5.2 Aforesaid period of one year starts its validity on the day of domain data ratification in database of PO “IC”. All the information of the ratification is available at the web address by entering Customer’s name.

5.3 Ratification is approved in .AM zone database of PO “IC” within fifteen days after conclusion of this agreement and making payment set forth in paragraph 2.1.

5.4 Any disputes and controversies arising between the Parties in connection with this Contract shall be resolved through negotiations. Should Parties fail to reach agreement, the dispute shall be resolved as set forth in the RA legislation at the competent courts.

5.5 In case of establishing any suitable law or legislation act concerning domains in .AM Contractor shall operate these regulations.

5.6 If the Customer does not make the payment set in paragraph 2.1 of this Agreement within five (5) days, the Executor is authorized to consider the Agreement invalid.

5.7 The Agreement shall enter into force upon its signing by both parties.

5.8 If after receiving the services set in paragraphs 4.1.1 and 4.1.2, after ratification of the domain within twelve months a new agreement of registration is not concluded, the domain is stored in .AM zone database of PO “IC” for one more month, but it becomes unavailable for other users. After the expiration of one month, in case of rejection of new agreement conclusion, the Customer shall loses all his rights on that domain name in . AM zone and can implement a new registration on common basis

5.9 The Agreement is executed in two identical copies and is kept by each party.

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